When we are calm, we see things as they are. 

Calm in the Classroom™ is for educators who are looking to achieve the following benefits for themselves and their students:

  • Improve concentration levels, listening skills and focus
  • Boost self esteem
  • Lower stress levels and reduce anxiety
  • Improve classroom behavior and promote safety
  • Encourage creativity and learning

What educators will learn:

  • Mindfulness awareness strategies to use in the classroom
  • Social-emotional precepts to foster competencies in both educators and students
  • Ways to use play and develop play leadership skills
  • Classroom management tools to foster safety and calmness in the classroom

The mission of Calm in the Classroom™ is, in a solitary way as well as in a group-learning environment, to support and empower educators in their own self-learning process by equipping them with tools to become more mindful, self-reflective and self-aware.  This helps them become more present and available first and foremost for themselves, and then for their students, their student’s parents as well as fellow colleagues, creating a ripple effect of calm in the classroom and in turn throughout the entire school.

Calm in the Classroom™ uses the four domains of social, emotional, physical and cognitive to offer fun innovative group experiential games and exercises from the modalities of circus, art, dance, drama, music along with the science and art of yoga.  Blending the creative arts with the benefits of yoga is a wonderful way to foster mindfulness and ignite and awaken the joy of teaching and learning. 

Goals to empower educators:

  • To experience and explore mindfulness awareness strategies
  • To strengthen teacher social-emotional competency and foster student social emotional development
  • To engage teachers in investigating play and developing play leadership skills


Calm in the Classroom: It Starts with the Teacher